About Me

Miss Tropical420 ❀ ☮


High! :blowkiss:

I’m 28 and I’m from Los Angeles and call myself Tropical420 because I enjoy Hawaiian medical marijuana strains such as Maui Wowie and I love tropical islands!  I’ve been interviewed and featured on Breal.Tv, Culture Magazine, Pot Couture Magazine, The 420 Times, The Oddcast, &  The PotCast I’ve been an avid medical marijuana advocate and patient for the past ten years. I’m a cannabis connoisseur, a knowledgeable grower, and extract artist. 


I was recently an Administrator for WeedTRACKER.com, the first dispensary directory forum site of it’s kind, as Tropical420 for the past four years where I put my heart and soul into educating the cannabis community on the latest hemp and cannabis news and research and helped patients find local safe access to dispensaries  for their medicine.  I love the WeedTRACKER community and was proud to be a part of it. 


I invent hemp products as a hemp entrepreneur including a hemp cat litter that doubles as a hemp grow medium. I’ve worked in the hemp industry for many years focusing on hemp textiles and industrial applications of hemp. I have created my own hemp clothing lines such as Mary Jane HempWear and WeedTRACKER Hemp Wear.  I was also a pinup model and production assistant for Sarah Diesel’s Pin Up’s for Patients 2010 Calendar as Miss Tropical420!


Now I am focusing on writing a Cannabis Concentrates Book and aiming for worldwide distribution of Hemp Cat Litter. I am also excited to be interviewing people doing big things in the Medical Marijuana industry as the Barbara Walters of medical cannabis interviews right here on Tropical420.com!   Enjoy & stay tuned & stay medicated!