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Health Snack Chips
Health Snack Chips

Dear Tropical420, :typing:

I’m curious, what could you tell me about starting a business from one entrepreneur to another? What are some important lessons you learned? My friend and I are trying to start a business in the snack food arena, a tiny bit different than medical marijuana 😉 but I’d like to hear what you could tell me. It’s a natural health food snack, like sun chips, but far less carbs. So far we’ve tried kale and chard as the vegetable base, along with other ingredients for a near complete nutritional profile. Either way, stay fly, have a blessed day.


Giovanni – Entrepreneur


Dear Giovanni, :teacomp:

Excellent question! I once worked for a CPA firm where one of the partners decided to start his own snack food business too, he is the owner of the Sports Snack chips you see at major supermarkets nowadays, he had the simple idea of making the chips into football & softball shapes and food color dye them in various favorite team colors! Was a million dollar idea. He also had the advantage of already knowing the Buyers for major grocery store chains but you guys can meet them too by going to trade shows in your industry where big name supermarkets will want to buy your snacks.

It is all about networking, marketing, and persistence with follow up and product development. There will be lots of product development and even multiple flavors one day. Kale is interesting & vegan, also experiment with different healthy oils to bake it in (baked not fried for max health factor) like sunflower seed oil, peanut oil, olive oil, or even Hemp oil!! Could have one hemp flavor since that is popular now on the health food shelves at Whole Foods type markets. Salted or unsalted? Could have both options.

Start by creating a business name and logo then write a business plan – google what components go in a business plan for your table of contents then fill out from there to get started and to show potential investors with a solid 5 year plan to return investment money and turn to profit. Then of course you will need to advertise yourself, there is a famous saying: “early to bed, early to rise, advertise, advertise, ADVERTISE!”

My company specifically deals with raw material that creates Hemp cat litter that doubles as a hemp grow medium! Been doing it for ten years now. After you create your business plan think about creating a website for your company to maximize exposure – buy a domain name and build the site with software such as WordPress like my site – then blow up all social media networks with buzz about your product and know that you will probably have to give away a lot of a snack product (or any new product) for free as samples to get people to try it, like it, and want to buy more. You might also want to consider a formal focus group.

Also trademark/copyright any logos or slogans, possibly patent the recipe, look into a proper business license tax id # for your wholesaler and food standards by the FDA so they can approve it. Look into a manufacturer to package it as well. Look at other snack packages carefully to see why they might design it the way they did to draw the customers attention yet give them all the foods facts. I hope this helps and gave you a lot to think about. Pretty good for free advice huh? What I learned so far as an entrepreneur is to never give up because even Coke-a-Cola only sold 25 bottles in their first year :hippie:

High Regards,



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