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Culture Magazine Interview: Tools of the Trade

Interview & Article By, Jasen T. Davis | CULTURE Magazine | Original publish date: 7/2/2013 A rundown on the devices that unlock your curiosity about concentrates   CULTURE talked to Alexandra Sussin a.k.a. Tropical420, a patient, business entrepreneur and website administrator for an MMJ-tracking website, for some info about the ins and outs of concentrates and ingesting […]


Tropical420 on The Oddcast 6/1/13

  Aloha! I recently flew to Los Angeles to talk about hemp & cannabis on The Oddcast podcast on 6/1/2013 with awesome hosts, Dusty Angel @dustyoddcast, Destiny @desytalks, & her girlfriend Mary @switchbladestiletto89. The whole cast was great! Was so much fun to be on the show, they have a very cool professional studio complete […]


PotCast #199: Politricks & Hemp

The PotCast at welcomes back President of Patient Advocacy Network, Dege Coutee, and Tropical420 of and her new product at We talk about the Kush Day event in Los Angeles last weekend hosted by where I got to speak on the “canna-business” panel as a hemp entrepreneur. We also discuss “Politricks”, […]


PotCast #165: High Times Cup Recap

In a foggy haze the day after the First Annual Los Angeles High Times Medical Cannabis Cup the PotCast discusses there weedkend adventure. With Dunks n Dabs Champ, Ryan, and Miss Tropical420 we try to piece the cup together. LA is home of the OIL!!! 710 is the new 420. Tropical420 brought some King Kush […]


PotCast #164 – CCHHI 2012

Miss Tropical420 got the lovely Sarah Newton to join this February 6th session of The PotCast to break down the California Cannabis Hemp and Health Inititave of 2012. Why do chem trails, shape shifting reptilians, chlorine in water, and other “real issues” get brought up? Torch up your nails and get your flowers ready. Its […]


PotCast #161

I made a surprise guest appearance half way through this session of The PotCast! I nail everyone with my new Wicked Sands oil rig, announce The Year of the Omicron raffle giveaways every Friday on WeedTRACKER.COM, and in honor of the Year of the Dragon being the year of prosperity, dexterity, and flow I even […]


PotCast #152: Sex + Pot = Politics

The PotCast#152: “Sex + Pot = Politics” Featuring Tropical420 & Randy Wang from “Pretty Good Podcast” In this episode of The PotCast after Black Friday on Monday 11/28/2011 we discuss the clusterfuck that is the LA city councilman Jose Huizar’s recent motion to ban all Los Angeles collectives and what people can do to fight […]


The PotCast #146 Ft. Tropical420

The PotCast #146 “What The Raids?!” featuring Tropical420 rallying the people to protest medical marijuana raids and call the Governor, President, & U.S. Attorney for Southern California Laura Duffy & giving a passionate speech about whats wrong with the federal government taking federal taxes from the medical marijuana industry yet still calling it “illegal” and threatening […]


PotCast #138 with Tropical420

Check out this video of my latest appearance on a very special Labor Day 9/5/11 episode The PotCast with Adamacadocious and Manny Blunts featuring Ominous Mammals – I even throw down some rhymes! For better audio visit! Enjoy 😀  


Culture Magazine Interviews Tropical420

CULTURE MAGAZINE’S PROFILES IN COURAGE INTERVIEW WITH TROPICAL420 Patient: Alexandra Sussin aka Miss Tropical420 ❀ ☮ Age: 25 Condition/Illness: Migraines, Back Pain, Insomnia Home: Los Angeles Using medical cannabis since: 2003   WHY DID YOU START USING MEDICAL MARIJUANA?   I had heard from friends in the hemp industry about the miracle of being able […]


Tropical420 is a guest on The PotCast with Adamacadocious and Manny Blunts #118

Check out the video!! Macadocious blazes up before the rapture, Big Manny Blunts finds himself in a pack of Cougars, and Kentron is transformin those keys, while Tropical 420, from, makes her second appearance on the show and takes nail hits and recaps the WeedTRACKER Ganjapalooza!!!!         © 2011

Read More... Interviews Tropical420

LADYSTONER PROFILE: ALEXANDRA SUSSIN aka Miss Tropical420 Meet Alex, a 25-year-old ladystoner who has been a medical marijuana patient and avid medical marijuana advocate for seven years. She’s accomplished quite a bit in the world of weed, which is why she’s our ladystoner of the week! Do you remember the first time you smoked? If […]


Tropical420 is a guest on The PotCast with Adamacadocious and Manny Blunts #91

Tropical420 is a guest on The PotCast with AdaMacaDocious and Manny Blunts. On this episode, there is hashwax that’ll take Adam, Manny and Tropical all the way to Pluto!!! Plus Tropical420 schools everyone on hemp and talks about her work at the online canna community Check out the video!     © 2011