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Hemp Traders was the first company I ever worked for ten years ago for several years and the owner taught me everything I know about hemp textiles, the boundless uses of hemp, and all of it’s earth friendly qualities! This was part of my inspiration for creating WeedTRACKER HempWear bringing hemp and the ganja radar together! The weedtracker shirts were made with 60% Hemp/ 40% organic cotton and they are softer then you would ever believe hemp could be!  The hemp apparel used for the WeedTRACKER Hemp Wear and for The PotCast hemp shirts are from Jungmaven.


Now along with my work in the amazing WeedTRACKER community I am also an official sales rep for Jungmaven Hemp Apparel and Hemp Traders – Suppliers of Fine Hemp Products specializing in hemp textiles so feel free to check out their websites and when you’re done shopping you can contact me for wholesale prices and consultation on all of your hemp related needs!


I utilized my hemp knowledge to become a hemp entrepreneur and invented an all natural Ph Balanced, nutrient rich hemp grow medium that doubles as an absorbent hemp cat litter. I sold out of my first sample batch and I am now currently accepting requests for samples of my hemp grow medium & hemp cat litter to see if there is enough interest to make another batch so if you are interested feel free to contact me for more information and we will make it happen!  

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Hemp is naturally bio-degradable, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal,  and resistant to UV rays.  Hemp fabric soaks up dye like a sponge and gets softer with every wash.  Hemp is the strongest natural fiber in the world lasting three times longer than cotton.  Hemp grows best in warm tropical zones or in moderately cool, temperate climates, such as the United States. Hemp leaves the soil in excellent condition for any succeeding crop, hemp does not exhaust the soil. Hemp plants shed their leaves all through the growing season, adding rich organic matter to the topsoil and helping it retain moisture. Hemp is extremely versatile and can be used for countless products such as Omega rich hemp seed oil, body care, apparel, accessories, shoes, furniture, home furnishings & more, and Hemp Traders supplies all of these products! Check out more hemp facts here: Hemp Facts – Hemptraders.com


Contact Tropical420@tropical420.com for wholesale prices on Hemp Traders & Jungmaven products or to request more info and a sample of my hemp grow medium/hemp cat litter!  Stay tuned & Stay medicated :tropical2:



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