Hempy 4/20/2012!

Hempy 4/20/2012 to everyone from Miss Tropical420!

Here are some things going on for 4/20/2012:

WeedTRACKER.com is giving away FIVE Omicron Persei’s on Friday 4/20/12 – first contest starts at 12:20pm every hour through the last one at 4:20pm in the Announcement Forums! Also check out WeedTRACKER’s Event Forums to find more 4/20 events! Also check out all the exclusive weedtracker 4/20 specials at our listed collectives. :hippie:

New medical cannabis documentary California 90420 – the story of “4:20 somethings” is out today now playing at a theater near you! Starring WeedTRACKER family member Johnny Hirsch and Oaksterdam chancellor Dale Sky Jones this documentary features rare footage of the Prop 19 campaign and coverage of happier days when students attended Oaksterdam University before the recent raid. Check out a trailer for the film and my interview with the producer of California 90420, Steve Roberts. Click here for a list of theaters and showtimes! :pop2:

Click here for 4/20 deals & specials that don’t require a coupon – just show up and save. Check out CouponsForWeed.com and download WeedTRACKER’s new FREE Coupons For Weed android app to keep track of your local collective’s deals and specials from your phone! :cell:

My buddies Adamacadicous and Manny Blunts from The PotCast are going up north to the bay area for the Deep Green Festival on Saturday 4/21/12. :bigrastajoint:

Hempy safe and medicated holidaze!! :cool-smiley-8942: :shareskillet::pass_joint:


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