How to take a skillet hit

Tropical420 demonstrates how to use a skillet and goes through all the tools you will need and the process involved in taking a hit from a skillet! You can try it with me at home!  Just get a skillet for your water pipe, some  budder/ wax, a metal tool to place the budder on the red hot metal skillet which can be a screw driver, a dental tool, or another metal object (make sure that there is no paint/rubber on your tool that would melt on the skillet as that wouldn’t be healthy to inhale), a torch filled with butane (hand held torches are safer then the big ones),  a paper towel to keep your  metal tool clean after each use, and make sure there is a fire safe plate or counter underneath the skillet for any excess oil dripping off the skillet!  Hash can be smoked off a skillet but CO2 extracted budder/ wax is healthiest and if it is BHO processed then make sure it looks fully purged of butane – the less oily and more stable the better!  😉


Will do a nail hit deomonstration soon too so stay tuned and stay medicated! :ti:

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