PotCast #165: High Times Cup Recap

In a foggy haze the day after the First Annual Los Angeles High Times Medical Cannabis Cup the PotCast discusses there weedkend adventure. With Dunks n Dabs Champ, Ryan, and Miss Tropical420 we try to piece the cup together. LA is home of the OIL!!! 710 is the new 420.

Tropical420 brought some King Kush Budder to nail everyone with so we can be in the same state of mind we were in at the cannabis cup to help us remember everything!

:shareskillet: :pass_joint:  :sharebong:


We touched on Whitney Houstons death as well, we heard the sad news while we were at the cannabis cup, we will always love you Whitney and you will always make us want to dance with somebody with your music! :heartbeat:

Listen to our reviews and recollections of this weekends cannabis cup here: http://www.pc420.com/potcast-165-med-can-cup-cap/ or watch the LIVE Stickam recording of PC#165 right here on Tropical420.com.


Check out the show pictures that include my cute pink fuzzy SkullCandy Ti edition headphones given to me as a gift from Aesop Fables from Living Legends himself! Plus I have an official WeedTRACKER TV mic flag!  :flyinghigh:


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