PotCast #175: Jack Herer Day

In this Friday the 13th session The PotCast starts dabbing with Tropical420 of WeedTRACKER.com to discuss CouponsForWeed.com & the FREE Coupons For Weed android app!  Plus The PotCast honors Jack Herer‘s passing for 4/15.  Adam reads a great “WeedBack” letter from a listener about how we need to honor Jack Herer’s name instead of using it in vain for events without donating any proceeds to Jack’s family. Now we shall honor him & educate people about hemp every April 15th which was the day Jack died two years ago. Tax day is now JACK HERER DAY! Email your “weedback” about the show to stingystoner@gmail.com and they will post it in their WeedBack section on PC420.com.  Plus Swerve from Cali Connection stops by to chat and toke.

Listen to the show on PC420.com or watch the LIVE stickam recording right here on Tropical420.com. #Globmob #teampersei #teamomicron #weedtracker #710isthenew420.









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