Review of Cannabis Book Series By Green Candy Press

My publisher friend and long time pen pal over at Green Candy Press sent me three of their most recently published books to review; Cannabis Indica: the essential guide to the world’s finest marijuana strains edited by S.T. Oner with a great introduction by Greg Green,  Marijuana Made Simple: a beginner’s guide to growing like a pro by Mediman, and Cannabis Cultivation: a complete grower’s guide, 3rd edition by Mel Thomas. I had no idea how big of a deal my friends publishing company was until I walked into Barnes & Noble the other day and saw many of their books on the shelf in the “nature/gardening” section and I was very impressed with everything Green Candy Press had accomplished so far! 




Cannabis Indica: the essential guide to the world’s finest marijuana strains volume one boasts 100 amazing indica strains from 100 great breeders including the classic L.A. Confidential from DNA Genetics, the first auto-flowering strain Lowryder from The Joint Doctor, and Blueberry from DJ Short. It is the perfect connoisseurs guide to some of the best indica strains in the world from A-Z featuring each strains genetic history, tested THC percentage, growing traits, taste, and effects.  In my opinion this book would be best utilized by a breeder looking for information on what strains to cross next or a cannabis connoisseur wanting to know more about the strains they can get at medical cannabis collectives.  It is a thorough strain list guide with amazing high quality “pot porn” photographs of all the different Indica strains, bigger better strain pictures then there are in The Big Book of Buds.  As an insomniac I especially appreciated learning more about the best kind of cannabis to help with sleep,  I’ve heard enough crazy stories about sleeping pills to know Indica strains are the best natural choice.   All the amazing pictures and graphic descriptions definitely kept this connoisseur drooling and made me hungry for more hands-on experience with all the different variations Indica strains – my favorite! :moon::bedtime: :stars: I’m excited to read volume 2 about Cannabis  Sativa strains next.

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There isn’t much information on exactly how to grow those indica strains step by step in the “Cannabis Indica” book but Green Candy Press has you covered with their amazing grow guide books! :smoking_pipe:


Marijuana Made Simple: a beginner’s guide to growing like a pro is a book that I wish existed when I first started growing eight years ago.  With over 350 full color step-by-step photos it guides you through how to get the most out of a small space when building your own grow room, how to start seeds, cutting clones, and the timing of vegetative growth and flowering cycles.  Even includes troubleshooting tips for removing unwanted pests from your garden and because it was just published it features all the latest up to date growing secrets. The best part is the exact nutrient formula guidelines to help you keep the PH and PPM right where they should be for each stage of growth.  The thin beginners guide even goes on to teach us tips and tricks on harvesting, trimming, and curing techniques as well as how to properly enjoy the finished product!:grow::tastyleaf:



Once you’ve mastered the beginner’s grow guide you can graduate to Cannabis Cultivation: a complete grower’s guide, 3rd edition which is essentially a complete compilation of all the wisdom passed down from indoor and outdoor growers over time in one book.  It is a grow guide that even Jorge Cervantes and Ed Rosenthal would be proud of and was dedicated to the thousands of men and women serving prison sentences for cannabis.  Featuring some of the latest and greatest advanced grow techniques including how to make organic nutrient teas, hydroponics, aeroponics, sea of green, drip systems, Ebb & flow, wick systems, breeding, troubleshooting, how to make hash and edibles and more!  It insightfully talks about hemp, the difference between indica, sativa, and ruderalis.  Even goes into all the different trichome components that make up cannabis – THC, CBD, CBN, CBV, THCV, and CBDV.  You will qualify for a Ph.D in Cannabis by the time you are done reading this complete guide.  Make the most out of your next harvest and pick up or download this Cannabis Cultivation grow guide and all of Green Candy Press’s other books at Barnes & Noble in stores or click the links above to purchase them online.


Stay tuned to for more information and updates on future book releases available at and Barnes & Noble!




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