Tropical420 & AmyB Get A Mile High In Denver

Denver open land w/ mountains in back

Aloha!   I recently went on an epic journey from Los Angeles to Denver to explore the wilderness of medical cannabis in the Mile High City.  Luckily our trip was in early May before the fires and Aurora shooting happened. I painted the town blue with WeedTRACKER’s blue radar stickers and met interesting characters along the way with my friend AmyB, a budtender from Tacoma, WA, close friend, and fellow goddess.  

Amy & Vape pen

We started the trip by both successfully getting our discreet oil vape pens through airport security with no problems! I came out to Denver on a business trip to spread the good word of WeedTRACKER and meet up with weedtrackers friend Scott and my friend Clazina.  Amy was thinking about moving out there to budtend but quickly realized they take the position of anyone working with medical cannabis in their state very seriously.  I also thought I could help Amy get into all the best medical cannabis collectives in Denver with the power of even though we didn’t have Colorado doctor recommendations but we quickly discovered that was not the case.

Denver cannabis cup winning strains

We were lucky to smoke any of the dabs and herb that we did on our trip since no collectives in Denver would allow us to even walk inside to take a peek.  I have a California medical marijuana recommendation and Amy has a Washington state medical cannabis recommendation but that doesn’t equal anything in the eyes of the medical marijuana law in Colorado.  It did not matter if we promised not to purchase anything or not to medicate on site, or if we were with weedtracker, or the press. Basically, without a valid Colorado doctors recommendation we were not allowed inside any collectives because they are under constant video surveillance required by Colorado’s year-old Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division that track everything from seed to sales, they need to know where every gram goes and where every plant is due to their regulations and “for profit” status.  Getting a badge to be a medical cannabis patient and/or work in the medical cannabis industry in Colorado requires a full ten year background check and waiting period to get a badge, they make sure you are squeaky clean before allowing you to budtend.  Whatever they are doing seems to be working though, I wish California could regulate a little better. I don’t think the IRS is buying the whole “non profit” thing in Cali collectives anymore but they still don’t mind collecting federal taxes from California collectives even though they deem them federally illegal.   Was interesting to see the difference in the way Colorado collectives are operated.

The Clinic on Colfax

I have been enjoying the American Weed reality show about medical cannabis in Colorado where I learned about the recent medical cannabis collective ban in Fort Collins that they are working to over-turn. I was hoping to get some collectives from the show onto weedtracker so I did some homework.  I looked up Miss High Times 2010, Brittany Wagoner, on facebook since she was on American Weed and saw she publicly listed The Clinic Alternative collective as her place of work.  I contacted her to say I was a fan of the show and wanted to list the collective she volunteered for on weedtracker for free but got no response.  So I personally went to The Clinic on Colfax and spoke to a nice male volunteer there in the lobby since I’m not allowed inside as a Californian patient and got their info to give them a listing on weedtracker. They explained Brittany does not really volunteer at any of their locations so she wasn’t the right person to contact at all, they just pay her to do marketing for them but she did not represent The Clinic at all during her appearance at the recent Denver High Times Cannabis Cup where they crowned a new Miss High Times for 2012. They told me Brittany also did a hilarious stoned clip of her making pot brownies at home for an episode of American Weed which was made fun of on The Soup and on Chelsea Lately which was a bit of a black eye for The Clinic but is hilarious to watch.

behind coffee bar at cherry co denver

We also visited one of the six Pink House collective locations at Pink House Cherry where we met with the manager for all locations, Lianna Loving, who was happy to get our stickers for her shop and was grateful to have all six locations listed with us and had much love and respect for weedtracker.  They got the tip to sign up with weedtracker from the lovely Miss High Times 2011 winner Clazina Rose who volunteers at their Pink House Pearl location.  I supported Clazina getting votes for MHT 2011 on WeedTRACKER and voted for her myself because she has been an amazing part of the weedtracker community for many years volunteering for various collectives around the country!  Tried to find their location on south Pearl street but had a hard time finding it for some reason, I think I was behind the house that it’s in. I tried calling them for help finding it and a nice girl named Rachel answered but said they didn’t know where anything was besides where they were and couldn’t help but I’m glad I found their Cherry location.  Check out their website at

Glass torch attached to glass oil bong made by Steve Bates.

I didn’t properly celebrate 4/20 this year but I made up for that by dabbing with Amy and Clazina and trying some left over Denver cannabis cup winning strains! We got to visit Glasscraft where Clazina’s fiance’ Steve Bates, who worked with Hitman Glass to create a cannabis cup award winning piece, gets his glass tubes to make his art.  Then we got to see Steve’s glass blowing “lair” warehouse where world class glass blowers create beautiful art pieces with blow torches handy for dabs 😉 . One highlight of the trip for me was experiencing the glass torch & fuel chamber attached to a glass oil concentrate

Mr. Grey Glass pot nug pipe at Glass Craft.

bong that he made!  Steve has collaborated with many glass artists including Mr. Grey who is known for his glass nug pipe, he also created an all glass water gun that shoots six feet of water!  Another one of Steve’s contraptions is the glass flame thrower that shoots almost six feet of fire!  Was an honor to meet such a talented glass blower and learn more about glass.  I especially enjoyed our time chilling and dabbing with Clazina & Steve in Denver.  Hoping to post my “Barbara Walters style” interview with Clazina soon.


Denver Aquarium Sangrias!

We got to be there during a “SUPER” full moon on Cinco De Mayo & we celebrated by meeting up with weedtrackers friend Scott to see his roommate’s rock band perform at The Toad Tavern which rocked!! We explored the city as tourists and as medical marijuana patients. On top of seeing the local medical cannabis collectives we also explored downtown Denver and saw the state capitol building, the 16th street mall,  & the aquarium where we enjoyed yummy sangria’s that made the fish look prettier. Scott even hooked us up with a free last Denver meal at the upscale restaurant he manages called Cool River Cafe! What a great adventure!  Can’t wait to visit again and check out Red Rocks Amphitheater next time!

The Toad Tavern in Denver on Cinco De Mayo ’12 during a super full moon!










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