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Tropical420Hempy New Year 2015!!  Wishing everyone reading this all the best in the new year and let me know if I can help you succeed in any way!

So, I’m 29 now and I’ve have had my share of consensual sexual encounters in my day and once you get to your late twenties you might start to become more experimental in the bedroom since you’ve basically been there and done that with most options at that point, lol!  It is no secret that I have been a medical marijuana patient in California and a whole plant cannabis activist and while working in the hemp and cannabis industry for eleven years I have had the opportunity to try and review almost every strain and hemp/cannabis product on the market and I love to try new things when they come out.

HighgasmI am putting on my “Carrie Bradshaw” sex and the city columnist hat for this one facebook emoticon kiss.  I’m not usually one to kiss and tell, but for science and medicinal purposes, on New Years Eve I did have a blessed (prop 215 compliant) opportunity to properly test out a sample of Highgasm brand “lets get wet” edible cannabis personal lubricant with a long term partner that I trust.  We admittedly started out with smoking dabs and a little Kahlua in hot chocolate to celebrate the new year before applying the topical cannabis infused lube. I recommend applying the cannabis lubricant about 15-30 minutes prior to intercourse, you can use that time for ample foreplay, this can include lots of oral sex because it is safe edible medicated lubricant, my date and I used the “blowberry” flavor.  Another flavor option is cock-o-nut, very clever!

cannabis pinupFrom the first drop of Highgasm I felt on my body I immediately felt a tingly warming sensation instantly heightening all 8,000 of my clitoris’s sensory nerve endings where the lubricant was present.. times TEN!  I applied it onto him and he also enjoyed the warm tingly enhanced sensations. Just like when one smokes weed one will find that many senses are heightened like their sense of taste, touch, sight, and compassion. Just like if you have ever experimented with real MDMA Ecstasy then you already know what it means to have all of your senses heightened ten times farther beyond the extent of the sensory heightening properties of the best concentrated dab of cannabis oil you ever had.  Now imagine having intercourse on Ecstasy.  That is genuinely the closest description I can think of to what it felt like to experience intercourse with this medicated lubricant for the first time, like sex on concentrated cannabis dabs but intensified.   To the point that I am not sure how I can ever experience sex without medicated lubricant again because it will never be quite as good!

TTropical710he rumors are true about longer lasting orgasms with cannabis infused lubricants, mine lasted about ten times longer than it normally would and was ten times more intense while my partner was still inside me as my muscles tightened around him for several minutes, lit up like Venus, instantly resulting in a marriage proposal from him, ha!  (No ring yet, don’t panic guys).   This lubricant can also totally be used without a partner for men or women to enjoy solo!  Especially more fun with the help of an adult toy like a vibrator facebook emoticon kiss  Highly recommend this product to everyone!


Sexy Tropical420
Miss Tropical420

Please check out my latest blog on about how to make your very own edible personal cannabis infused lubricant at home for a secret recipe that you can customize to make your own.  I highly recommend making your own cannabis lubricant at home or going out and trying one of the many branded cannabis lubricants already available in the medical marijuana market to try for yourself and I want to hear from you to know what YOU think about cannabis infused edible sexual lubricants! Email me any time at!

Stay tuned to for what promises to be a HUGE year, been teaching cannabis cultivation, concentrates, and edible processing for 420 College all over the country and taking my Hemp Cat Litter to the next level, I promise to keep you guys updated more often and you will find me blogging in unexpected places this coming year too, stay tuned and stay medicated facebook emoticon kiss





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