Tropical420 Writes to Obama


Dear President Obama,

I thank you for everything you do for the country and voted for you knowing you would make the right choices and not let anyone stand in your way.  But now the federal government is coming into my beautiful state of California and forcing the only growing industry in this economy – medical marijuana – to shut down.  No other industry has created jobs like medical marijuana has.  Now even more people will be unemployed and these are sick patients who most likely will not find another place they can work in their condition.  I know San Diego has asked for the governments help in shutting down their medical marijuana collectives but there is still something fundamentally wrong with the government enforcing themselves above state law.  I dream for a future when medical marijuana and hemp are federally legalized, then this country will be back on the right track toward a AAA rating yet again!  Thank you for your time and everything you do to help this great country!




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