Wicked Sands Glass Review

Mr. WeedTRACKER & I recently got a tour of the Wicked Sands glass factory and learned how all different kinds of pieces are made and got to come home with two new custom oil rigs and two oil dishes! It was like 4/20 and my birthday at the same time! 


It was so educational and interesting to see the whole process from the glass blowers torching pieces together to “baking” the pieces in a huge kiln.  They have some sick new pieces they are working on that include fully worked trees which I have NEVER seen on any piece before.  We’re talking gorgeous multi-color trees including some made with uranium that glow in black light!


Plus a killer new oil rig line, if you build it they will come, including fully worked skillets plus nails on fully designed colorful stems! The little oil rigs we took home hit super smooth but definitely pack a punch!  Mine has a rainbow zebra design on the bottom!


Wicked Sands will be at AGE The 2012 American Glass Show in Las Vegas this March so you should check out their dope new pieces at the show.   Check out their website at www.wickedsands.com and check out their store location at:

Wicked Sands Glass Gallery
18541 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356
Phone: 818-774-0500
M-Th 10am-10pm
Fri-Sat 10am-11pm
Sun 12pm-10pm

And if you are a medical marijuana patient in California you can go down the street to Natures Natural Cooperative Care (NNCC) for some medicine to try out your new Wicked Sands piece with!


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